Turn your exhibitor services platform
into a transactional marketplace

Expose is a marketplace SaaS platform that leverages your exhibitors’ areas

to generate additional revenue for your events

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Our solutions to upgrade your customers' event-planning experience


Develop the transactional activity of your customer areas

By activating marketplaces that reference catalogs of additional services and allow your participants to order online all the products and services needed for their participation.

These marketplaces allow you to offer a larger catalog of products and services to your participants while simplifying their shopping experience. 

The combination of a larger offer and a user experience adapted to digital usage will contribute to a significant increase in the average order basket and the development of additional revenue for your event.

Exhibitor platform

Simplify the relation with your clients thanks to a customer platform

Digitalize the technical guide for your event by displaying online customer platforms. 

Our exhibitor platforms include all the necessary features for online event preparation. No more pdf and multiple contact points! 

Everything is done online centrally, from the integration of your regulatory content to the collection of technical information (online forms), thanks to electronic signature of documents (safety instructions, certificates, etc.), the validation of allocations, the verification of plans, etc.

Customer support

A team of experts at the service of your customers' success

Our Paris-based exhibitor service team consists of project managers who are experts in the field of event management and who are regularly trained in customer relations. 

They respond to your exhibitors’ requests and advise them in the choice of services to ensure optimum preparation for their participation. On request, our team will travel to your site to assist your exhibitors during the set-up of your events.

Catalog enrichment

Expand your catalogue offer according to your customers' expectations.

Expose uses the analysis of purchasing behaviour to recommend supplier catalogues adapted to the expectations of your customers.

We identify and reference new suppliers adapted to the specificities of the event and negotiate preferential conditions. These suppliers, complementary to your historical suppliers, enable you to expand your catalogue offer in just one click and exceed your customers’ expectations. 

The data analysis and the referencing of new suppliers allow you to increase the transactional volume of your marketplaces.

Marketing activation

Leverage your customer data to increase transactions

By entrusting our marketing team with the management of the animation campaigns for your marketplaces.

Our operational marketing team analyses the behavioural data of Expose marketplaces’ users to build a marketing plan responsive with your event.

We create your ads by integrating your brand identity and we adserve their distribution according to a tailor-made media planning.

Online sales management

Free yourself from sales administration and concentrate on the essentials

Expose simplifies the administrative management of your online sales by managing customer and supplier invoicing on your behalf and by digitising the sales administration processes. 

Your personalised dashboard allows you to monitor the activity of your marketplaces and share this information within your organisation.

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